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Conquer Athlete Podcast

Jul 17, 2019

Prior to a career in CrossFit, Rory traveled the world and did seasonal work (Summers in Alaska, winters in Jackson Hole, WY). He started my career as a trainer (US CrossFit/SEAL Fit) before being hired by CrossFit HQ Media. At the time, Rory was the second hire to the department. He is self-taught as a presenter and feels lucky to have the opportunity to have hosted the CrossFit Games for ten years, and assist in the telling of people's success stories through fitness.

Rory is a cancer survivor, a father, and a mediocre CrossFit athlete. His family of 4 (plus 2 large breed dogs) and he has just moved to Cookeville, TN after 2 years of living in a fifth-wheel trailer.

Here's what's next: